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Frenchtown Walking Tours with Rick Epstein

Rick Epstein came to town in 1977 to be editor of Frenchtown's Delaware Valley News. Although that newspaper is long gone, Rick is still here, and still ambulatory. His walking tours are going into their fourth season. He is currently working on "Rick's Frenchtown Encyclopedia."

Both tours are just over a half-mile and they are are barrier-free.

UPTOWN TOUR -- Doc Mullins' hospital, the doll carriage factory, Frenchtown High School and the Original Terrier, the Doughboy statue, the Barn Theater, and love in 1942.

DOWNTOWN TOUR -- Frenchtown's early settlement, the wagon-spoke factories, the Flood of 1955, the chicken hatcheries, the Great Fire of 1878, smooching in the covered bridge, the silent-movie theater, why Annie Oakley and Mary Tyler Moore came to town (separately), timber rafts on the Delaware, three demolished mansions, the mystic rites of the Odd Fellows, Sen. Martin's alligators, a glimpse of Frenchtown's future, and how the guillotine caused our founder to leave France in a hurry and create “French” town.

BAD LUCK & POOR CHOICES TOUR – The boy who set the Great Fire of 1878 (a whimsical theory); the bank bookkeeper's last day of work (1926); gunplay in the drug store (1939); “Dude! You blew up a building!” (2018); the homeowner who got mad at the town and demolished his house (1960s); another runaway truck (1984); why Aaron Burr never slept here (1806); a bank robbery foiled by a woman's screams (1873); gunplay in the drug store (1939); Tippoo the killer elephant (1869); the deadly boiler explosion of 1879 and George Hummer's narrow escape; lunch-break electrocution (1888); and a little tale of small-town benevolence (circa 1915).

This tour covers much of the same terrain as the Downtown Tour, but it is more of a true-story tour and less of the basic history of Frenchtown.

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